Facebook’s iOS share sheet gets updated to modern share extension

The Facebook app on iOS (battery drain issues notwithstanding) has long been an example of pretty solid design on Apple’s mobile platform, with one glaring exception. When native iOS sharing first debuted, both the web, and Facebook were simpler places. But with the release of share extensions in iOS 8, the old, simple style of native sharing looks incredibly out of place.

Starting yesterday, Facebook users running iOS 8 and up will be able to access a brand new Facebook share extension from the share sheet. While the old share sheet allowed users to attach a link and some text, the new extension looks a lot more modern, and gives users a sense of what their posts will look like before they send them. Users will also get the modern affordances of a mobile Facebook post, like tagging people, adding a feeling, or sharing a location. This will also allow users to post to Facebook from any app, even if they aren’t connected to Facebook through that app.

If you are one of the millions of users who shares content to Facebook via their iOS device every day, look forward to seeing this new interface in a forthcoming update. While it seems like a relatively small change, it represents a big step forward for the company in terms of mobile sharing.