OnePlus launches new iPhone 6s case – wait, what?

OncePlus iPhone 6 case

OnePlus has been teasing an accessory of some sort by using Apple’s iconic tagline,”think different,” for the last few days, and as expected, the company’s new peripheral takes a jab at the smartphone world’s current sales king.

In an interesting marketing move, OnePlus has launched a new “sandstone black” smartphone case for the iPhone 6s and 6. The case mimics the look and rough finish of the company’s flagship OnePlus 2 smartphone. It seems OnePlus feels iPhone 6 owners are missing out on the OnePlus 2’s unique sandstone texture, which the company, as well as fans of the OnePlus 2, claims is easier to grip than most smartphone bodies.


Continuing the bizarre marketing scheme, each case also includes an invite card to purchase the OnePlus X. The inside of the case is also embroidered with, “Get a grip. #NeverSettle,” mocking the purchaser for buying the case in the first place.

While an interesting and amusing tactic that has a lot in common with the company’s iPhone and Samsung smartphone trade-in initiative, it’s unclear who the case is actually being marketed to. It’s unlikely, regardless of the case’s quality, that iPhone 6s users will have interest in purchasing a product that openly mocks the smartphone they own.

OnePlus 2’s iPhone 6s and 6 case amounts to nothing more than a clever, albeit shallow marketing tactic. With that said, it looks like a high-quality case though.

Check out OnePlus’ new iPhone 6 and 6s case at this link.



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