The Beatles’ catalogue of music is coming to music streaming services on Christmas Eve (update)

Depending on your age, the Beatles are either a beloved foursome of musicians who changed music forever when you were younger, or that band Paul McCartney is famous for being in before you were born. Either way, you would be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn’t enjoy at least some of the iconic band’s music.

Beatles fans everywhere will be rejoicing on Christmas Eve, especially those who enjoy streaming and not buying their music. Up until 2010, The Beatles (the band’s living members and labels) had historically been hesitant to let their collection enter the digital age via online music stores like iTunes, but that era seems to finally be over.

Starting tomorrow, a large percentage of the world will be able to enjoy Beatles music on a handful of streaming music services (yes, we’re certain there will be exceptions or exclusions). The services set to be graced with the Beatles include: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Amazon Prime, Slacker, Tidal, Groove, and Deezer.

The catalogue will be available to all users of those services, even those on free tiers.

Update: You can head to your favourite streaming service (among those listed above) and access 17 Beatles albums now. What are you waiting for?