Watch 360 degree video on the Apple TV with Littlstar

It remains to be seen if 360 video will actually catch on with the average video viewer, but it’s hard to deny the appeal of fully immersive video combined with virtual reality gear. Most modern tech devices feature at least on method of experiencing 360 degree content and an app or service set up to view it, but until now this wasn’t possible with the Apple TV.

Littlstar is a company focused on immersive 360 video, with apps for Android, iOS and the Samsung Gear VR, has now added the Apple TV to its list of platforms. The company’s tvOS app takes advantage of the Siri Remote’s trackpad, allowing users to pan seamlessly and enjoy 360 degree video in your living room.

Littlstar already has partners like National Geographic, the Wall Street Journal, Disney, Discovery, and Red Bull. The company also works with developers and content teams allowing creators to develop their own apps to showcase 360 video.

Ttry out the app on Android, iOS and Apple TV.



  • Rob Attrell

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