Canada’s first VR arcade aims to raise $10K for SickKids Toronto in 24-hour marathon

Canada’s first virtual reality arcade is attempting another first — a multi-person virtual reality gaming marathon that has the potential to set an unofficial world record for the most combined consecutive hours spent in VR in one room.

The 24-hour marathon, titled ‘Extra Life,’ is being held by Waterloo’s Ctrl V from Saturday November 5th at 8AM to Sunday November 6th at 8AM. The franchise, which uses HTC Vive headsets, is hoping to fill all 16 stations in its location for the entire 24-hours, with all of the proceeds going directly to SickKids Hospital.

“Participating in this event hits really close to home for me,” said General Manager and former SickKids Toronto patient Josh Brooks in a release sent to press. “I’m excited to see how much we can raise over the 25 hours. Beyond the charity aspect of the event, playing VR is just really fun. VR is still a young technology and still expensive for average consumers, so being able to provide a new affordable experience for people is why we do it.”

The cost of booking a single station at Ctrl V for 50 minutes is $24.99, which translates to about $9,600 CAD for the 24-hour period if all 16 stations are successfully booked. Ctrl V is also accepting donations and hopes to raise $10,000 in total.

Some of the titles available during the marathon are Space Pirate Trainer, The Brookhaven Experiment and Job Simulator. Participants will also be able to experience Google’s popular VR painting tool Tilt Brush at the event, a game that is generally not on offer at Ctrl V due to its disallowance from commercial use.

During the event, Ctrl V will also be debuting a new user interface in which participants will be able to interact with each other in VR before entering into a game.

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