Almost every Rift owner has purchased Touch, says Oculus

Oculus Touch

Oculus Touch launched back in late 2016 and has quickly become an integral part of Facebook’s virtual reality ecosystem, at least if the tech giant’s recently released sales data is to be believed.

According to the head of developer relations at Oculus, Paul Jastrzebski, almost every Rift owner has purchased Touch controllers, resulting in a purchase ratio that’s almost 1:1.

“We’re seeing very, very high attach rates,” said Jastzebski in an interview with Destructoid. “That’s partly why we wanted to drop the price point. We realize that at $200, it was still a little high for it. So we drop the price to $99 and I think we’ve found a very close 1:1. Close to that.”

It is, however, still unclear what Touch’s attach rate was before the controller’s price drop.

Following GDC 2017, Oculus dropped the price of both Touch and the Rift, bringing the cost of both devices bundled to $818 CAD. This is significantly cheaper than the price of the HTC Vive, which currently sells for $1,149 CAD, though the package includes two 360-degree room-scale tracking Base Stations.

Last week Oculus reported that Touch now officially supports three-camera room-scale tracking, bringing its functionality up to par with the HTC Vive.

Source: Destructoid

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