Dark mode is coming to Microsoft Office for macOS Mojave

It looks really nice, and hints at a fun level of attention to detail

Microsoft is getting ready to update its suite of productivity apps on macOS to support Mojave’s dark mode.

Apple built a dark mode into the latest version of macOS, but one of the issues when it launched is that not many apps supported the feature. A few more apps have joined the party since then, but none are as notable as the Microsoft Office suite.


The Microsoft Office product manager Akshay Bakshi tweeted out a short video showing a normal Microsoft Office window switching into the dark mode. Notably, the dark mode ‘Pictures’ icon has a moon in the corner while the regular icon has a sun.

The update is entering a testing phase for Office 365 insiders, so ideally it should be publically released sometime soon.


The Verge speculates that when the update is available, it will only be offered to Office 365 subscribers, but we can keep our fingers crossed that it will come to the rest of us in the future.

To see if you’re able to become an Office Insider, check out the sign-up page here.

Source: The Verge