Google Maps update lets users set dark mode as default theme

This is a small update, but it makes the app's settings easier to navigate

Google Maps is one of those apps that seems to get a small tweak or change every week, and this week, it’s been discovered that users can force dark mode to be the app’s default theme.

Initially discovered by XDA developers, the new version of Maps (version 10.2) has a much cleaner settings page. One of the more prominent additions to the page is under the ‘Navigation settings’ sub-heading. Scrolling to the bottom of that sub-page reveals a new option for setting the app’s theme.

There are three options. The first, ‘Automatic,’ sets the app to Day mode during the daytime and Night mode when the sun goes down. The other two options are just Day and Night mode, but they’ll stay locked to their themes no matter the time of day.

Other than the new theme options, Google has made it easier to navigate and understand Maps’ settings. Users can now choose to avoid toll roads and ferries right from the Navigation settings page instead of having to start a route and then adjust the options that way.

Users can even adjust the loudness of the assistant’s voice during navigation which is super helpful when using it with headphones or in the car while music is playing.

Source: XDA Developers