Canadian-born Ryan Reynolds plays cute version of Detective Pikachu in movie’s new trailer

Detective Pikachu

Though Pokémon Detective: Pikachu was originally a Nintendo 3DS game released back in 2016, the spin-off title has evolved into so much more.

A trailer for Pokémon Detective: Pikachu, a live-action movie based on the Pokémon franchise, recently dropped, giving us our best look yet at 2019’s biggest Pocket Monster movie.

It’s likely that you’ll either find the live-action version of Pokémon either extremely cute or absolutely terrifying — so get ready.

The movie was directed by Rob Letterman and stars Canadian born actor Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu. Justice Smith, who takes on the role of Tim Goodman is able to understand what the little electric Pokémon is saying, for some reason.

The movie takes place in Ryme City, which might be set in Shinnoh, the Pokémon world’s sixth region, though this remains unclear.

The movie will also feature live-action versions of other iconic Pokémon including Charizard, Psyduck, Mr. Mime, Greninja and more.

The movie is set to premiere on May 10th.