Volkswagen coming for Tesla with cheaper EV fleet by 2020: report

Volkswagen wants to push the EV envelope

German automaker Volkswagen has made some bold claims about its electric vehicle (EV) lineup and how much cheaper its EVs will cost than those manufactured by U.S.-based electric automotive manufacturer Tesla.

The company’s CEO Herbert Diess claims that VW is booking future production space in 2020 to accommodate approximately 50 million electric cars.

“Now we’re coming into an age where electric cars will play a major role,” said Diess, during an interview with Automotive News Europe.

“We will be very big in electric cars worldwide because we are very strong in China. We have huge economies of scale, and we will bring those cars here [to the U.S.].”

Diess reportedly claimed that his company’s upcoming electric vehicle will be priced much lower than current Tesla models, since Volkswagen has a massive economy of scale to back up its sales practices.

The German company has started working on self-driving technology with Microsoft and Apple, so it seems to have a hand in both EVs and autonomous vehicles.

While this is all good news, the announcement is a little Tesla-esque in the way it promises a substantial game-changing move, with real plan to get there.

Source: Automotive News Europe