OnePlus 6T users are experiencing a static wave display issue

OnePlus 6T

Some OnePlus 6T owners are noticing a display issue with their handsets.

6T owners are taking to the company’s forums to report that a static wave will sometimes appear on their phone’s display.

The bug involves a short burst of static on the screen, as seen above.

It’s currently unknown why the glitch has started to occur. A factory reset reportedly doesn’t fix the issue.

Users are saying that it’s difficult to know when the static waves will go across the screen. Moreover, the wave will sometimes only appear on certain parts of the display.

Additionally, it appears that different variants of the 6T are experiencing the issue. Users also say that the wave will appear after the screen turns on with low brightness, but that doesn’t seem to be everyone’s experience.

I’ll note here that our 6T review units at MobileSyrup haven’t developed this issue.

Source: OnePlus forum, Via: TechRadar