New book lays out Microsoft’s Surface plans for 2019, 2020

Plans include a new Surface Pro, Laptop and Studio, along with some new devices like Andromeda

Microsoft Logo on Surface Pro 6

Next year could be an exciting year for Microsoft’s Surface line, according to a new book called Beneath a Surface.

Tech journalist Brad Sams’ book dives into the story behind the Surface line and how Microsoft made it one of the best selling names in the PC market. However, the last chapter of Sams book is potentially the most interesting, as it lays out the roadmap for the future of the Surface lineup.

For one, Sams writes that fourth quarter 2019 will bring us a new Surface Pro with smaller bezels, rounded corners and USB-C. Additionally, the new Surface Pro could have several new colour options.

This lines up with an earlier report that said Microsoft is working on a thinner Type Cover for a new Surface Pro.

Along with the new Surface Pro, Sams says we can expect a new Surface Laptop in late 2019, possibly with an AMD processor instead of Intel one.

Further, gamers could see a pair of new low-cost Xbox One S devices, including one digital-only option without a disc drive.

Finally, in spring 2019, Sams suggests Microsoft could hold an event to unveil an “ambient computing” device. The device would be able to respond to a user’s presence. Sams writes that the device is designed to deal with some of the “common frustrations” of using a smartphone, but that it won’t be a smartphone.

In 2020, Sams says we could see a new Surface Book and Surface Studio with a modular design. We could also see Andromeda, Microsoft’s long-rumoured dual-screen foldable device that could be the company’s next attempt at the smartphone market.

Overall, it sounds like Microsoft has some big plans for the next few years of Surface. If Sams predictions are accurate, Microsoft’s Surface line-up could set the PC bar even higher.

Source: GeekWire