YouTube’s Rewind video for 2018 is an 8 minute, Fortnite-themed comedy skit

Fortnite, SpaceX and the Royal Wedding were three of the many topics hit in the video this year

YouTube has published its recap for the year video featuring top YouTubers and celebrities performing odd skits on a Fortnite themed island.

So far the user reaction has been overwhelmingly negative, with 2.5 million dislikes and 1.1 million likes at the time of publication of this story. Overall, the video has raked in over 35 million views.

It’s not a terrible Rewind, but to me at least it’s not as good as my favourite Rewind from back in 2013.

YouTube has even built a custom website to show off the creators involved in the video and the trends that it covered. 

There is even a section that lists all of the most popular videos in the world.

Source: YouTube