MobileSyrup Holiday Gift Guide – Smartphone accessories [2018 Edition]

Smartphone Accessories

A good accessory can often make or break someone’s experience with a device.

Smartphones are only as good as their charger, after all. And if you drop one, it won’t be good at all.

With that in  mind, we came up with some of the best phone accessories to ensure your time with your device — whether the fancy new one you get for Christmas, or the one you’ve got already — is the best it can be.

Check out our must-have accessories below.

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Canada can be cold -- very cold -- but wearing gloves can make it near impossible to use your phone. For the phone addict in your life, get some touchscreen gloves so they can stay warm and type that Tweet.


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Cable organizer

Nerds have cords and cords get tangled. Help them organize their cords with an organizer that keeps everything neat and tidy instead of tied in knots at the bottom of a bag.

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Belkin Lightning to 3.55mm cable

Apple got rid of the headphone jack on its phones years ago and the world is still recovering. If the person you’re buying gifts for is still using that tiny adapter to plug their iPhone into speakers, bless them with a Lightning to 3.5mm cord to make that process much easier.


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A home for your phone

No one likes sitting at their desk with a giant phone in their pocket. Why not keep it on your desk with a stand? There are a few options, ranging from basic cradles to Google’s excellent Pixel Stand, and even one from Toddy Gear that doubles as a screen cleaner.

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Phone cases

Sometimes the best gift you can give is the gift of protection. Cases for phones, tablets and laptops can save people from near disaster. Plus, with hundreds of styles and options, cases can make for very personal gifts.

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Nomad Base Station Hub

A premium charger like the stunning Nomad Base Station Hub is a great gift for the nerd with too many gadgets. It can wirelessly charge two phones at once, and two other devices with wires, making it the perfect bedside table companion.


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Portable batteries

Portable batteries are crucial to have, since running out of battery in 2018 basically takes you off the grid. Having a backup power supply or two can be a lifesaver. There are several brands out there, but we liked the Aukey batteries we tested.

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SanDisk 400GB Micro SD

SanDisk microSD card

The price of storage has come down and its easier than ever to get lots of extra storage. microSD cards are a great option for this, especially for Android phone users as its a great way to expand your storage.

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