Build a battery tower with OtterBox’s stackable wireless chargers

Now you can make a tower of expensive portable chargers that actually serve a purpose

OtterBox, known for making rugged smartphone cases, has announced its Qi-certified wireless phone charger called OtterSpot.

What makes this charging system interesting is that it’s an expandable unit.

OtterSpot’s system is split into two devices, a main charging base and a portable wireless battery. The base unit is responsible for charging up the wireless batteries and a device if you choose to do so.

Then, you can use these batteries on-the-go or spread them throughout your home or workspace.

This makes it both accessible and portable when travelling.

OtterBox’s wireless charging battery holds up to 5,000mAh and offers up to 10 watts wireless charge speeds.

The batteries also provide simultaneous charging using a USB-C port in case you need to charge another device. These batteries seem to be versatile, especially at home where you’re in multiple areas during the day.

The OtterSpot Wireless Charging System, which comes with the charging base and the wireless battery, starts at $129.95 USD (roughly $172.79 CAD).

However, if you want to buy additional batteries or the base, it will cost you $69.95 USD (roughly $93 CAD).

Source: OtterBox