Huawei’s upcoming handset will run Android, unless U.S. blocks it

Huawei’s next smartphone will use Google’s Android operating system with the company’s EMUI skin. The handset is likely the Huawei Mate 30 series.

At a briefing in New York, according to CNET, Huawei’s senior vice-president Vincent Yang confirmed that the company might launch a smartwatch and a TV using HarmonyOS.

However, Yang thinks it’s unlikely that Huawei will launch a smartphone with the new operating system.

If the U.S. bans Huawei permanently, then the company will have HarmonyOS as a backup plan. As of now though, some companies are being issued conditional licences to work with Huawei so long as it doesn’t pose a national security threat.

More recently, the U.S. Commerce Department has also extended the deadline by 90 days for companies working with Huawei to find alternative business.

Huawei’s upcoming smartphone will launch sometime during the next few months.

Source: CNET