Tesla fan spends over 100 hours 3D printing RC Cybertruck

The results are fun, but the 3D printed wheels are less than ideal

I don’t know what you’re doing with your spare time, but this Tesla enthusiast spent a significant amount of time making a YouTube video about 3D printing a Tesla Cybertruck.

The truck body took 88-hours to print alone, not to mention how much effort went into printing each wheel and hubcap. Near the end of the video, the presenter says that he spent over a month working on the truck, which makes sense considering how much time it takes to print, paint and construct the RC car.

The vehicle is built on top of the RC frame of a Gravedigger monster truck and inside there’s even a little 3D printed Elon Musk, according to YouTuber ‘ItsYeBoi.’

When he finally gets around to driving it, the truck actually works and looks pretty cool as it slowly tours around the parking lot outside of his studio.

You can watch the full video below if you’re interested to see how the process works.

Source: ItsYeBoi