Google Meet update for Nest Hub Max adds support for 100 people in Canada

'Hey Google, start a meeting'

Nest Hub

As the world began working from home, Google upped its video chat game by allowing 100 people to be in a single Meet video call. However, it forgot one member of its hardware family, the Nest Hub Max.

Starting today, Google is rolling out an update to Canadian Nest Hub Max users that allows them to participate or host 100 people Meet video conferences. Some users who are using U.S. English or other methods to trick their smart display into thinking it’s a U.S. model may have gotten this update last month, but now all Canadians can use the functionality.

While you can make calls with up to 100 people, the screen on the Hub Max displays eight people at once, according to Pocket-Lint. 

Other smart displays from the likes of JPL and Lenovo will be able to use this feature at some point as well, notes Forbes. Still, like many Google Assistant smart display updates, the Google hardware gets access to the new features a few weeks before everyone else.

How to start or join a meeting

To start a Google Meet call, simply say, “Hey Google, start a meeting.”

To join a call, say, “Hey Google, join a meeting.”

Once you ask to join a call, your smart display will ask you to input the meeting code, and then you’re off to the races.

You can learn more about how to use this feature on Google’s support page. 

Source: Google Canada, Pocket-Lint, Forbes