Waterloo-based North says Focals will stop working on July 31

After Google acquired North, the company announced plans to shutter Focals

Waterloo, Ontario-based North announced that it would “wind down” its Focals smart glasses on July 31st.

Google confirmed it acquired North near the end of June. After the acquisition, North announced it planned to deprecate Focals 1.0 and wouldn’t ship Focals 2.0. North has now confirmed the timeline for winding down Focals.

In an email sent to customers, North says that “Focals support, services and the Focals app will be discontinued.” Customers will no longer be able to use Focals after July 31st.

The email says that users will receive a “You seem to be offline” error message once North disables the Focals. After that point, customers will no longer be able to log in, and North recommends they delete the Focals app.

North includes a link to its website that provides more detail about the shutdown.

On July 31st, North will remove its Focals app from the Google Play and Apple App stores. The website also notes customers will no longer be able to connect their glasses through the app or “use any features, abilities or experiments” from them.

North provides instructions for how customers can reset their Focals and notes that people can contact North if they want to delete their account data as well. Additionally, North says it will give full refunds for “all paid Focals orders starting June 30th, 2020.” The company will reimburse customers using the original payment method.

Source: North Via: Joanna Stern (Twitter)