Canadians are really only streaming music anymore

I think CDs are going to become as niche as vinyl soon

A new batch of stats from the analytics firm Neilson shows that Canadians are not into buying music right now.

Even vinyl records, which were having a bit of a resurgence last year, have seen reduced sales numbers as fewer Canadians go outside to shop. Specifically, compared to this time previous year, vinyl sales are down 26.3 percent.

Overall, compared to 2019, CD sales are down 53.5 percent, digital albums are down 21 percent, and digital single track purchases are down 26.5 percent.

Streaming music is the only music market still rising with a 16.9 percent increase in Canadian users compared to 2019.

The publication A Journal of Musical Things theorizes that these numbers might change a bit now that the new Taylor Swift is out since it’s likely to be a big seller. However, it’s not going to be enough to save the industry from COVID complications and the rise of streaming music.

While this may seem like the end of physical media, I think that after the main wave of COVID-19 passes, people are going to be aching to buy new music.

Source: A Journal of Musical Things