Telus brings back $75/20GB plan once again, available until August 24

Telus has one of the cheapest 20GB plans in Canada right now

If you’re looking for a lot of data for a reasonable price, Telus has you covered.

The west-coast-based telecom company rolled out a $75/20GB promotional plan, which will be around until August 24th. It joins the previously available $85/20GB promo plan.

This plan is also one of the carrier’s unlimited plans, meaning subscribers can use as much data as they want each month, but after 20GB, the speed is throttled to a maximum of 512Kbps.

It also includes unlimited nationwide calls, texts, picture and video messages, voicemail, call display, call waiting and conference calling.

If you’re wondering why Telus would offer both a $75 and $85 20GB plan that are nearly identical, there is one small difference. The $85 version is a ‘Peace of Mind Connect’ plan, which means that customers can add a tablet or smartwatch onto the data included in the plan. The $75 option, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same feature, making it a little cheaper.

Right now, Telus seems to be the only member of the Big Three offering this plan, but that might change over the next few days.

At the time of writing, Bell and Rogers‘ $75 plans only come with 10GB of data. Rogers also has a bunch of device sales happening right now. 

Source: Telus