Rogers offering $85/20GB plan, sale on iPhone, Samsung and LG phones

Customers can get free Galaxy Buds when they buy a Samsung S20 from Rogers


On the heels of Telus’ sale, Rogers launched a ‘Savings & More’ event with deals on plans and phones.

First up, Rogers is offering an $85/20GB promotional plan. Typically, the plan costs $95 per month. As with Rogers’ other Infinite plans, the $85/20GB offer includes 20GB of high-speed data followed by unlimited usage at throttled speeds of up to 512Kbps. It also includes unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited text messages, unlimited picture and video messaging, voicemail, call and name display, call waiting, forwarding and group calling.

Additionally, Rogers notes that the plans include ‘5G access’ for free until March 2021, which then costs $15 per month.

Along with the promotional plan, Rogers offers discounts and deals on several phones and accessories.

  • iPhone 11 – $0 down, $19.99 per month device financing with Upfront Edge and after bill credit. Regularly, iPhone 11 financing costs $33.95 per month.
  • Galaxy S20 – $0 down, $19.54 per month financing with Upfront Edge and after bill credit. Comes with free Galaxy Buds. Regularly $53.29 device financing.
  • iPhone XR – $0 down, $19.99 device financing. Regularly $34.16 device financing.
  • ‘Ultimate Galaxy Bundle’ – Get a Galaxy S20 series phone, Galaxy Tab 8.4 with $10 per month tablet plan and a free pair of Galaxy Buds for $0 down.
  • Smart speakers, headphones, smartwatches – $0 down with device financing for select Rogers customers ($100 purchase required).
  • iPhone 11 Pro – $0 down, $34.99 per month device financing after bill credit with Upfront Edge. Normally $47.70 financing cost.
  • LG Velvet – $0 down, $20 per month device financing after bill credit. Usually $31.25 financing cost.

Upfront Edge is Rogers’ program that offers a discount when customers get a phone if they return it after two years. Customers also have the option to pay a fee to keep the phone.

You can learn more about Rogers’ sale here.


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