New wireless Beats Fit Pro earbuds leak in iOS 15.1 update

These appear to be higher-end Beats wireless earbuds

The latest iOS 15.1 update includes product images of a new pair of unreleased Beats earbuds.

The new earbuds, reportedly called the Beats Fit Pro, look similar to the Beats Studio Buds, but with some sort of stabilizing hook piece. This suggests that these might be the successors to the PowerBeats Pro, Beats’ more workout-focused buds.

9to5Mac report also mentions that the new buds feature Apple’s H1 chip for fast pairing, an accelerometer and noise-cancellation. On top of that, the earbuds will reportedly offer seven hours of battery life and 30 in total with the charging case.

There’s no mention of how much the Beats Fit Pro will cost, but they’ll reportedly be revealed the week of November 1st and will come in four colours: Black, grey, a pinkish-lavender and white.

Between the Beats Fit Pro, the Beats Studio Buds and the 3rd-gen AirPods, it looks like Apple will likely be selling a lot of wireless earbuds this holiday season.

Source: 9to5Mac