Telegrams hits 1 billion downloads in the Play Store following Facebook’s lengthy outage

For reference, WhatsApp and Facebook each have 5 billion+ downloads

After the recent Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outage that left billions without access to the social platforms, many people have started looking for alternatives.

Telegram, a cross-platform messaging app, has now surpassed 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store, a jump most likely fueled by the Facebook outage. The outage alone accounted for 70 million new users joining Telegram (via SamMobile).

Further, it’s worth noting that Telegram is also available as an APK via the developer’s official website, and those downloads do not count against the Play Store number. So the actual number of downloads is likely much higher than the 1 billion mark.

While the jump in the number of downloads is impressive, Whatsapp and Facebook are sitting at 5 billion + downloads, so Telegram definitely still has some catching up to do.

Via: SamMobile