Now you can save $10/mo for 24 months on Fido’s 30GB plan

Fido, Koodo and Virgin all now offer a $55/mo 30GB plan if you stack some promotions

Fido logo on smartphone

Over the weekend, Rogers flanker brand Fido joined Koodo and Virgin Plus in offering a $10/mo discount for 24 months on its $70/mo 30GB promo plan.

This is the latest move in a long-running back-and-forth game of promotions that started back in February, with Virgin and Koodo doubling the data on their 10GB and 15GB plans to 20GB and 30GB. Fido followed suit, then Virgin added a $10/mo for 24 months bill credit to the plans, bringing them down from $60 and $65 to $50 and $55. Koodo and Fido rolled out matching offers for the $50/20GB plan, and then Koodo added the credit to the 30GB plan too. Finally, Fido has caught up with its own discounted 30GB plan.

Unfortunately, things are a bit different with Fido. The Rogers flanker brand recently added a $5/mo discount for those who sign up for automatic payments, but also increased the cost of its plans by $5 around the same time. So to get the $55/mo 30GB deal from Fido, you need to sign up for automatic payments too.

Fido’s 20GB and 30GB plans have a $10/mo credit offer, as of March 13th, 2023.

The plan in question is normally $70/mo before discounts and includes 15GB of data. Again, thanks to multiple layers of promotions, it’s now 30GB for $55/mo.

Fido still has the $50/20GB plan available for those who don’t need 30GB. It’s not clear how long the deals will last, however, so you may want to move quickly to get it. You can view Fido’s plans here.

Along with the above deals, Fido ran a small promotion offering customers one day of free roaming after Virgin and Koodo announced price increases for their roaming packages.