Hands-on with prototype Pixel 7a reveals specs, detailed photos

Looks like the Pixel 7a is shaping up to be an excellent phone

Over the weekend, a hands-on leak of Google’s upcoming Pixel 7a surfaced online, giving us specs and a detailed look at the smartphone.

Vietnamese news site Zing News published the Pixel 7a hands-on, noting that the phone was remotely locked and isn’t able to fully turn on. However, Zing was able to learn several details about the phone and some specs from the fastboot screen, which reveals the 7a has 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. That’s up from 6GB of RAM on the Pixel 6a. The Pixel 7a as reportedly has a 90Hz display, another big upgrade for the A-series.

Other specs include the use of Google’s Tensor G2 chip — the same one used in the current Pixel 7 and 7 Pro — as well as support for 5W wireless charging, a first for the A-series Pixel line. Zing News also reported that the Pixel 7a sports two 12-megapixel rear cameras, which goes against previous rumours that the 7a would sport an upgraded camera sensor matching the primary sensor used in the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

Beyond the specs, the Zing News hands-on gives us our best look at the Pixel 7a yet. Unsurprisingly, the design is very similar to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series, sporting a glossy back panel with a ‘G’ logo and a camera bar, though this time around, Google used a metal bar instead of glass like on the 6a. This brings the 7a in line with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro design.

Aside from the camera bar, there doesn’t appear to be any other significant changes in design with the Pixel 7a. Like with the move from the Pixel 6 series to the 7 series, the Pixel 7a will likely offer minor polish and quality improvements compared to last year’s 6a.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Pixel 7a photographed by Zing News is reportedly a software prototype and isn’t an official model. That could mean certain things will change or may not be accurate to the final product. Interestingly, some of the images of the phone show a pattern on the back panel, which is likely intended to mark the phone as a prototype and won’t be featured on the launch product.

Google will likely unveil the Pixel 7a at its upcoming I/O developer conference in May, followed by a possible summer release window.

You can check out all the leaked hands-on images here.

Image credit: Zing News

Source: Zing News Via: 9to5Google