Apple set to introduce an in-app interface for billing problems

Users won't have to navigate to the settings app to fix payment issues anymore

Apple is outlining its plans to streamline the fix for recurring subscription billing issues in an upcoming update.

Announced on its developer website, the Cupertino,California-based company says, “Starting this summer, if an auto-renewable subscription doesn’t renew due to a billing issue, a system-provided sheet appears in your app with a prompt that lets customers update their payment method for their Apple ID.”

The current process forces the user to exit the app they are in and navigate through the settings app to update their payment information.

With this update, a new overlay “sheet” will prompt users to resolve the issue within the app itself. Apple says that no action is required on the part of app developers to adopt the change.

The new feature will be made available in the summer on devices running iOS and iPadOS 16.4 or newer, according to Apple.

Source: MacRumors Via: Apple