Google’s Pixel Tablet rumoured to cost €600-€650

The device will have up to 256GB of storage

Google’s Pixel Tablet has leaked a lot over the past few weeks, and now we’re seeing another rumour from reliable leaker Roland Quandt.

While 9to5Google previously leaked that the device will be available in two storage configurations, the publication didn’t specify what the storage actually is. Quandt has revealed that the Pixel Tablet will reportedly come in 128GB and 256GB variants. They also unveiled that the Pixel Tablet will cost around €600 (roughly $880 CAD) to €650 (roughly $960 CAD). While pretty expensive for a tablet, this likely means it comes with its dock.

It’s worth noting that the entry-level iPad in Europe costs €580, so it’s possible Google is trying to match up with its competition.

A leaked Amazon listing showed the tablet’s dock retailing at $120, but considering it wasn’t from Google itself, it’s difficult to know for sure if this will be the cost of the dock.

The Pixel Tablet is expected to launch alongside the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a on May 10th at Google I/O. Other rumours about the Pixel Tablet indicate that the device will feature 8GB of RAM, a Tensor G2 chip and more.

Image credit: Google

Source: @rquandt