New Adobe update brings RAW image support to Pixel A smartphones

The compatibility is included as part of Adobe's April 2023 update

Pixel 6a back panel

Editing RAW images directly shot on midrange Pixel phones just got more convenient for Adobe users.

Thanks to an April update from Adobe, its Camera Raw extension now includes official support for the Pixel 4a, 5a, and 6a devices.

While it was possible to edit RAW photos before this update, it’s now a smoother process. Users can directly import and edit their photos into Adobe apps such as Lightroom on their phone.

It’s great to see Google’s midrange devices gaining the added support directly from Adobe. That being said, Pixel A smartphone users will still be missing out on the camera matching and lens correction profiles.

RAW image capture is a feature that has become widely available on flagship (and some midrange) smartphones. In exchange for much larger file sizes, users can take advantage of the flexibility and extra detail the images provide while editing.

To get started with the new capability, Camera Raw extension 15.3 needs to be installed, as well as Lightroom 6.3 or Lightroom Classic 12.3. Adobe provides an official website that lists phones that currently support its Camera Raw extension.

Source: Adobe Via: Android Police