Digital giants mandated to contribute Canadian content under new law

Bill C-11 subjects streaming companies to similar regulations as traditional broadcasters

Bill C-11, known as the Online Streaming Act, is now law in Canada.

The bill received Royal Assent on Thursday, and streaming services, like YouTube, must contribute to the creation of Canadian content.

“The law will give Canadians more opportunities to see themselves in what they watch and hear, under a new framework that will lead to a modern definition of Canadian Content that better reflects our country’s diversity,” Canadian Heritage said in a press release.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will govern the bill, but content creators have questioned how far the commission’s regulations will go. Canadian Heritage says the commission is now responsible for providing details on how it will implement the act.

Introduced in February 2022, the bill has faced massive backlash from several parties. YouTube argued the bill could impact how much Canadian creators could earn. Disney and TikTok also raised concerns.

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Source: Canadian Heritage