Asus ROG Ally rumoured to cost $699.99, feature AMD Z1 Extreme chip

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Asus ROG Ally

It’s been rumoured that the upcoming Asus ROG Ally will cost $699.99 USD (approximately $952 CAD) and feature an AMD Z1 Extreme chip, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD.

That would put the model at around $51 more than the 512GB Steam Deck, making the handheld gaming PC a serious contender when it releases in May.

The news comes from reliable gadget leaker Roland Quandt, courtesy of SnoopyTech, as well as an early Best Buy screenshot from Wickedkhumz. That’s a lot of sources for a potential leak. Even the product number associated with the ROG Ally connects to the Z1 Extreme model with 512GB of storage.


So, if the Z1 Extreme could cost $699.99, what about an Ally with a vanilla AMD Z1? We don’t know for sure, but to really make itself a Steam Deck killer, it would have to rival its $399 starting price point.

Specs-wise, the ROG Ally is 11.02 inches wide, 4.37 inches tall and only weighs 1.34 pounds. Features may include a Gorilla Glass DXC-protected screen and could complete half of a full charge in just half an hour.

Although the Steam Deck is currently a popular choice in the gaming community, especially in the world of handhelds, Valve must be keeping an eye on these rumours.

The Asus ROG Ally is set to release on May 11th, when its official price will be revealed.

Image credit: Asus

Source: @_snoopytech_ Via: The Verge