Samsung to demo a 5.5-inch flexible display at CES 2013 (has a resolution of 1280×720)

Samsung promised to release a device that has a flexible display. This was, according to Samsung spokesman Robert Yi, targeted to be introduced “sometime in 2012.” Now that dream has clearly progressed into sometime in the future.

During previous Consumer Electronic Shows (CES) Samsung demoed flexible displays and their capabilities. We captured this on film at CES 2011 and it was impressive. Two years later Samsung Mobile Display has teased the masses once again and stated they’ll be showcasing a 5.5-inch flexible display with a resolution of 1280×720, and a 267ppi (pixels per inch) at CES 2013.

Unfortunately, there’s no official word on when Samsung will bring a flexible display to market, or in what capacity. It could be a smartphone or a tablet, maybe even a TV. There’s been several rumours of this being implemented into future devices, such as the Note III or Galaxy S IV, but again, those are just rumours.

It’ll be interesting to see the progress 2-years has brought. Check out the quick video of the flexible display from CES 2011 below.

Source: CNet
Via: Engadget