With iPad support, Evernote Food 2.0 becomes more than just a food diary

Evernote Food used to be a simple way for users to keep track of what they ate, either at home or when out with friends. Snap a photo; write some notes about the dish; tack on a location; call it a day.

Today, with Evernote 2.0, the company has added iPad support and integration with service Punchfork to add context outside of just the meal itself. You can now use Evernote’s Web Clipper to store recipes (and if you’ve already been doing it, you can import them into the app) as well as explore user recipes from around the ‘net. There’s also a beautiful Restaurant Finder section which is powered by Foursquare, but you can annotate your experiences or desires — “the chicken was really dry” or “I’ve heard their steaks are amazing.” — to give it an individual touch.

The app’s interface has been overhauled, too, and now that it is a universal app, iPad-owning recipe lovers can use it to store and reference favourite meals. You can also plan your future meals and sync them across devices; write the list on your iPad and refer to it on your iPhone.

It’s a great update to a fantastic app, and should engage an already-loyal user base even further.

No word on an Android update, but we won’t hold our breath for tablet support anytime soon.

Download Evernote Food 2.0 for iOS.

Source: Evernote
Via: Lifehacker