WIND to launch BlackBerry App World carrier billing, hopefully in time for BlackBerry 10

WIND Mobile has partnered with Wmode’s Affiliate Commerce Exchange (ACE) platform. According to the press release this allows WIND the ability to offer their customers the option to purchase “digital goods,” such as apps, books, music or movies from their smartphone and have it directly appear on their monthly bill. The first presence of this will be carrier billing from RIM’s BlackBerry App World, then possibly progressing to other platforms at an unknown later date. “ACE will enable WIND Mobile to offer its subscribers Carrier Checkout for BlackBerry AppWorld and supports an integrated charge authorization model for other 3rd party billing partners.”

BlackBerry carrier billing is available now via Bell, Rogers, TELUS, Fido and Virgin. I reached out to WIND for timing and a bit more clarification, they noted that “We are planning to launch carrier billing for BlackBerry App World soon, in the New Year (hopefully in time for BB10). Other application stores to follow. Later in the year we are planning to invite other interested third parties to partner with us and integrate through our charging API, this way our customers will be able to easily and securely pay for mobile applications, books, music, content purchases, movie rentals, subscriptions from their smartphones.”

Perhaps we’ll see WIND Mobile expand their WINDWorld mobile site into a full application depot. WIND’s WINDWorld currently only offers weather, access to Facebook, top stories, plus the option to purchase ringtones, games and wallpapers. In addition, the above statement somewhat confirms that WIND will launch RIM’s new BlackBerry 10 device.

We’ll have more info soon.

Source: MarketWire