CloudOn, the best Office alternative for smartphones, comes to iPhone and Nexus 7

We’ve spoken extensively about CloudOn in the past, as it is the best way to access Microsoft’s real Office suite from a tablet. By opening up a secure and largely touch-friendly portal to a virtual machine running Windows, CloudOn allows mobile users to forge ahead with documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, syncing them from multiple cloud storage sites while taking advantage of instant saves.

Today’s update to CloudOn 3.0 brings official support for the iPad Mini but, more importantly, the company has scaled down the iOS app to fit on the iPhone’s screen. While it’s not quite the laid-back, comfortable experience found on a tablet, working on documents on the iPhone is actually quite intuitive, and it allows for quick edits and substantive document changes from places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to work on them. The company has worked with Microsoft to customize Office 2010’s ribbon to work better with the smaller iPhone screen.

This update also scales the Android tablet version to better suit the Nexus 7, though there is still no support for the Nexus 10. The app originally came to Android tablets running Android 3.0 and above, but CloudOn is taking its time updating the app to support modern 10-inch tablets on Jelly Bean.

As it stands, the app, across both platforms, can sync with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and SkyDrive. There’s also a new FileSpace feature that allows users to see all notes and activity relating to a specific file. Collaboration is a big part of what has made CloudOn so successful, and this activity, along with any notes attached to files, can be viewed by any member of a team.

Download CloudOn for iOS and Android.
Via: TheNextWeb