Spreed launches iPhone news reader

The onslaught of iPhone applications will be hitting Canadians probably on a daily basis now.

Toronto-based Spreed Inc. released “Spreed:News”. This application that enhances how you read news on you mobile phone. With Spreed:News you can customize, navigate and view news on your iPhone. You have the ability to choose from a number of  re-defined news and blog sources or add you own and then view the articles “proprietary high speed news reader”.

Anthony Novac, CEO of Spreed Inc. said: “Spreed is very excited to be one of the first Canadian innovators developing applications for the iPhone. Moreover, we’re happy to be launching our first product at the same time as the launch of the iPhone 3G here in Canada. Rich mobile devices such as these offer huge potential for consuming media on the go. We at Spreed have embraced the power of the iPhone to provide the best news-based service possible. Users will be able to keep in touch with the news in just a few minutes every day. They need to try it to experience the benefits.”

The product will be launched on the Apple iPhone and later be available for RIM Blackberry’s.

More info here

If you have a BlackBerry – you can always get news through Viigo