Apple iPhone 3G Video Review

We’ve been playing around with the Apple iPhone for a few days now and can honestly say we’re addicted. This touchscreen makes if so incredibly fun to play with and use. With its stylish looks, the iPhone comes loaded with a whack of applications and features: phone, contacts, text messaging, GPS powered by Google Maps, only a 2 megapixel camera (not possible to capture videos yet), watch YouTube videos, e-mail compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Calendar, Weather application, Stock ticker, 3G connectivity to the web that shows pages as it would on any computer, iPod… the list can go on as it now includes the Apple AppStore (where you can install anything from a set group of categories – either free or purchase).

Below is the first of many installments to our review. We called this Apple iPhone 3G: The Basics”:

Available in white and black exclusively at Rogers and Fido for $199  with several voice and data plans available to choose from.
Much more to come as the iPhone will continue to evolve.