BlackBerry Partners Fund launches “Jump Start”

The BlackBerry Partners Fund is set to announce the winners today of their Developer Challenge (2 winners will walk away with a cool $150k each to bring the product to life). In the meantime, they have launched “Jump Start Financing Initiative”.

The new program will provide “entrepreneurs with capital infusions of up to $250,000. The funding initiative is designed to bring new and innovative ideas into the development process faster allowing entrepreneurs to focus on building great smartphone applications instead of raising seed capital”.

It’s great to see they are continuing to find way to promote and inspire people to create new applications. This is just the initial drop in the bucket to what will be offered. This quote states their firm plans to dominate this business:

Rick Segal, Partner of the BlackBerry Partners Fund: “At the BlackBerry Partners Fund we believe it is important to encourage the development of an industry that is predicted to become the fastest growing application market the world has ever seen. We are eager to review pioneering ideas and assist entrepreneurs with the advancement of their concept into a viable product faster and more cost effectively than ever before.”

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