97% say it’s “wrong” to e-mail & text while driving

A survey of 2,251 adult Canadians by RBC Insurance/Ipsos Reid between March 27 and April 10, 2008 shows “nine-in-ten Canadians drivers (86%) do not approve of using a cell phone when driving, almost all drivers (95%) report having seen other people talking on cell phones while on the road”.  Also, 97% say it’s “wrong” to e-mail and text while driving.

Francois Boulanger, president and CEO, RBC General Insurance Company said “Mobile technologies have dramatically increased our ability to multi-task at home and work and now unfortunately in our cars. And it’s happening despite clear evidence that most motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver error. Anything that takes away from one’s focus on safe driving should be avoided.”

What are your thoughts? Do you text or e-mail when you drive. I know I do, and also surf the web (they forgot to ask that question).

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