Primus kinda doubles minutes in latest offer

Primus has set forth their latest offer by throwing double minutes into the mix, well kinda. 3 phones are available with the following prices based on a 3-year plan: Nokia 5300 XpressMusic for $39.95, Motorola W510 $19.95 and the Nokia 6085 for $0.00.

Now the monthly plans are as follows with minutes:
$20/month: 200 minutes now increased to a total of 400 minutes with offer
$25/month: 250 minutes now increased to a total of 500 minutes with offer
$35/month: 350 minutes now increased to a total of 700 minutes with offer
$50/month: 600 minutes now increased to a total of 1200 minutes with offer

In addition to the above they throw in free text messages (up to a max up 2,500), $0.05 long distance minutes, Air Miles, Call Waiting and Conference Calling.

Now before you get all excited and think you are getting a stellar deal, one must read the fine print:  “A $6.95 monthly system access fee, E911 fee, taxes, long distance, additional airtime, calling features, roaming, text messaging and data usage charges are billed separately…. A $200 dollar early cancellation fee applies… $25 activation fee applies…” and the kicker of this plan is that it’s only double minutes for the first year of the plan:

“*Double your minutes applies for the first 12 months of your 2-3 year contract term.”

Lear more at Primus here