Nokia patents swivel screen… makes display HUGE!

nokiaswivelimageNokia has filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office that shows a device with a display that swivels to make the screen size wider. From the diagram it looks like it’s a version of an E71 type Smartphone with a full QWERTY when closed. But in figure 22 it gets more interesting as the display swivels and becomes the actual size of the phone… making the display an estimated 114×57 mm!

No word on further details of this patent yet, but imagine watching all your video, movies or TV shows with a screen that size. Or Nokia could be taking on the previous RIM patent we saw a few moths ago that was a cross QWERTY keyboard touchscreen. Things are certainly getting interesting in the mobile space though… remember the flexible screen Samsung put on display at the recent FDP International Show in Japan.

[Via Cellpassion]