BlackBerry Storm App: “TalkLock” Touch Screen Lock

ishot1The BlackBerry Storm has been out for a few weeks now in Canada (more shipments are arriving today at Bell and Telus) and some of the feedback has been mixed.

To name a few likes: users enjoy the style, screen resolution, music player and camera features. Some of the main dislikes are the weight, some users are finding the screen has pixel problems and the accelerometer sometimes lags.

A free app from CellAvant has made its way to help with another frustration of Storm users. “TalkLock” is still in beta and it basically puts a lock on the touchscreen when you’re on a call so other programs won’t accidentally start.

Here is the description from their website:

Are you annoyed by the BlackBerry Storm touch screen remaining active during a call? Frustrated with accidental screen presses activating programs while you talk?

CellAvant has the answer… TalkLock. This free utility automatically engages a few seconds after a call is connected, and intercepts touch screen actions. This prevents screen presses from launching programs or invoking functions while you talk.

When the call ends for any reason, TalkLock releases control of the screen until your next call. You can also disable the lock and return to your normal phone behavior at any time by swiping your finger across the screen from left to right.

Features include:
* Automatically runs after installation, and on each reboot
* Automatically activates after phone calls are connected
* Automatically hides when phone calls are completed
* Manual unlock with “slide to unlock” function
* Menu item to re-engage lock after unlock
* Customizeable backround image (uses /home/user/TalkLock-Background.png if it exists under Device Memory)