The “Kindle Killer”: Indigo takes on Amazon with “Shortcovers”

Canadian-based Indigo Books & Music is demonstrating “Shortcovers” at CES 2009 in Las Vegas, otherwise known in their mind as the “Kindle Killer”.

Shortcovers is an app that’s a  mobile bookstore for your iPhone. Although it’s still waiting for official certification from Apple, the Shortcovers has the latest books from all the major publishers . Users will get the first chapter free, then can purchase on a chapter by chapter basis for $0.99 each, or a whole book can be purchased also. It plans to take on Amazon’s Kindle and its main feature is that  you don’t have to buy a dedicated reader, just download the free app to your iPhone.

The video below has Mike from Shortcovers and he says “Shortcovers is a new digital destination where you can come and find your next great read… books, magazines, articles, and the idea is that you can come and read the first chapter for free, and you can read some more, a chapter at a time it makes sense, buy the whole thing and get it instantly on your mobile phone.”

When reading a book on your iPhone you will have the ability to change the font size and read in portrait or landscape mode. Curious to know what happens when you decide to put the book down for a couple days? Well, the app remembers what page you are on the next time you open the book.

Shortcovers plans to launch on BlackBerry devices also.