24K Gold iPhone 3G hits eBay

iphonegoldFor those who are considering your next phone to be an iPhone 3G… you might want to head on over to eBay and put your bid in for the 24K Gold iPhone 3G.

Seller sc_guju says “You are bidding on a NEW 8GB 24KT Gold 3G Apple iPhone. The phone is UNLOCKED and jailbroken so it can be used in ANY country with a GSM SIM. I have the iPhone in hand. This iPhone is RARE! There have been many gold 2nd generation iPhones posted on eBay…but be the one of the only TO OWN a new 24K GOLD PLATED 3G iPhone!

The phone is NEW! The outer metal frame of the iPhone are plated in REAL 24K GOLD. The back cover is covered with a elegant, stunning gold paint. It has only been opened to plate and add the gold back cover.”

It only will cost you about $1,500 and the bidding end time is January 27, 2009 at 19:09:51 (PST). Believe me, this is a deal if you compare it to the recently announced “King’s Button” iPhone 3G priced at $3 million.

**UPDATE** This has now been taken off eBay and purchased from teh “Buy it now” option.

Check it out here at eBay