Sony Ericsson coming soon: HPM-77 Headset & CBC-100

se-hpm-7716840Sony Ericsson has posted some new accessories that us Canadians will be able to use. Honestly these are nothing special but always good to keep updated on what’s new.

First up is the Stereo Portable Handsfree HPM-77. These are basically a set of earphones that allows you to listen to music and take calls handsfree. It has a built in call answering button, so it’s perfect to use while you’re on the go, driving etc. They look like ordinary earphones but are much sleeker in design.

The CBC-100 can save you when your phone battery runs out of juice.  This battery adapter has overall dimensions of 3.1 x 2.0 x 0.6 inches. It comes in black and can adjust to various battery sizes. Compatible batteries are Sony Ericsson BST-33, BST-38, BST-39 and BST-40.

On a high note for the CBC-100 the SE website says this was “Chosen by Greenpeace as a front runner in phasing out hazardous substances, efficient use of materials, reduced energy consumption and commitment to recycling.”

No dates on the official release of these accessories, our guess is that they will be available within the next couple months. More here at Sony Ericsson Canada