Solo to release Samsung m320 March 6th, maybe Virgin too

samsungm320solo2Looks like Solo will join parent company Bell with launching a new device on March 6th.  You can expect the Samsung m320 to show up in grand style.

In addition, you can also expect Virgin to release this device on the 6th (or somewhere around this date… more in our Forum here). I believe this will replace the current m300 that is in the lineup.

No price plans have been released yet but we got images of the dummy phones and a very blurry doc showing the m320 actually looks like  a great phone… but the front catches some unwanted fingerprints. Sprint in the U.S.A. is selling this for $0.00 on a 2-year contract so I’m hoping Solo/Virgin will come through with $0.00 on a 3-year contract.

This flip phone comes with less than stellar 0.3 megapixel VGA Camera , Bluetooth, text messaging, calendar… overall dimensions are 91 x 48 x 18 mm, also it’s a light phone as it only weight 76 grams.

More to come soon…