RIM “still seeing a wonderful momentum”… has 3,000 jobs currently available

jimWhile other mobile manufacturers are scaling back their workforce due to slow sales, RIM had an 66% increase in sales (September-November) and is simply trying to keep up with demand and looking to fill over 3,000 positions.

Nokia recently cut 1,200 jobs, Sony Ericsson 2,000, Motorola basically the whole company is in a reorganization mode.

With the massive success of BlackBerry this year, RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie said “We have grown our employees base by 50 percent in 2008. And we’re still hiring and we plan to keep hiring. We have growth in our business. We hired about 4,000 people in 2008, currently we have 3,000 open jobs. We’re still hiring a lot…We’re still seeing a wonderful momentum in Blackberry. We shipped our 50 millionth Blackberry”.

Want a new gig? Visit RIM here an submit your application

Via: Yahoo!