Google gives Windows Mobile users faster searching

If you’ve been frustrated that the Google Mobile App has only been available for iPhone and BlackBerry devices… those of you who are Windows Mobile user can rejoice as your searching will be easier as the app has now been made available to  you also.

According to Google it is a great deal faster as there is “no need to wait for a browser to open to begin a search, and with search history available to reduce typing, you can get your search results with fewer clicks than before”. In true Google fashion in their taking over the world approach they say using the Windows M0bile Google Mobile App is 50% faster that using the browser:

“How much faster is it? Well, our stopwatches show that Google Mobile App team members (who are mostly normal people, no superpowers were deployed during the timings) were able to get their search results for identical queries nearly 50% faster from Google Mobile App than from navigating to google.com in the mobile browser.”

(I personally prefer how it looks on a the iPhone or BlackBerry better)

Via: Google Mobile & WMExperts