RIM “taking interaction to a new level” as it wins a couple key MWC awards

Following up to our story about RIM representing Canada at Mobile World Congress 2009 Global Mobile Awards. RIM raked in the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough and GSMA Chairman’s Award.

jimmikeThe judges were pleased and said “RIM does it again, with a new twist to the touch screen. The SurePress screen incorporates touch with confirmation, taking interaction to a new level.”

GSMA Chairman Izosimov said: “In my opinion, the BlackBerry helped keep the mobile data flame alive with email everywhere, and it helped the industry justify investment in GPRS and 3G in the face of early scepticism. It’s hard to imagine life – especially in business – before the BlackBerry. Before the revolution of the “push email” service, finding a dial up and accessing email was a painful experience. It’s an extraordinary story.”