Solo Mobile launches the Samsung m320

solo-m320Solo has stepped back in the game and released the Samsung M320. The price point is decent as it can be yours on a 3 and 3-year contract for $0.00. 1-year contract for $70 and 30-day for $120. In addition, you can buy this prepaid for $89.00.

Solo wants you to “Shine on with the Samsung m320. More than just a mobile phone. It’s a speakerphone. It’s a Bluetooth® Wireless Technology phone. It’s a messaging phone. It’s a camera phone. Better yet, the Samsung m320 can be your phone.”

Overall specs of this flip phone: 0.3 VGA camera, 1.9” inch screen, Bluetooth, text messaging, calendar, overall dimensions are 91 x 48 x 18 mm, weight 95 grams.

Virgin recently released this also on the following price plans: 2-year plan: $29.99; 1-year plan: $49.99 and Prepaid: $79.99

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